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Lincoln Electric offers one of the broadest cutting product portfolios in the metalworking industry. This portfolio includes plasma cutters ranging from 25 to 400 amps, Harris® oxyfuel cutting systems, Torchmate® CNC plasma cutting tables including torch height control systems, Vernon Tool® tube and pipe profilers and tube cutting machines, as well as the PythonX® all-in-one structural steel fabricating system capable of replacing drilling, punching, sawing and hand torching operations.

Torchmate’s broad portfolio of CNC cutting tables range from the smaller Growth Series™ product line, with a work space as small as 2‘x 2’, to the larger X™ series which expands up to 10’x 40” , or larger. These CNC cutting tables can accommodate a wide range of cutting processes including plasma, oxyfuel, water jet, and if needed – a combination of these processes on a single system.Vernon Tool offers a range of industrial pipe cutting and beveling machines with options that include oxyfuel, abrasive and plasma cutting equipment, robotic cutting solutions, automated loading and conveyor systems, CNC controlled and Windows-based cutting software, and pipe profiling machinery able to accommodate pipe diameters up to 84” and round and square tubing.For applications involving structural steel, the PythonX 3D plasma structural fabrication system combines CNC robotics, high-definition plasma cutting and cut software. The PythonX is capable of processing beams, channels, angles, square/rectangular tubing and plate all on one machine resulting in lower fabrication costs, increased productivity and reduced errors.As a global supplier of 2D and 3D cutting systems, we can provide solutions for a wide range of segments including general fabrication, structural, offshore, pressure vessel, shipbuilding and education – just to name a few.